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Découvrez les meilleures astuces pour s'hydrater efficacement !

Discover the best tips for hydrating effectively!

Hydration is one of the keys to well-being.

Discover how to optimize your hydration with Hydratis .

A well hydrated metabolism brings many benefits to optimize health and well-being on a daily basis. But then, how to hydrate well and how to recognize dehydration on a daily basis?

According to the world bibliography on hydration, we find that the needs vary from one person to another depending on environmental conditions, physical activity, dietary habits or even age.

Certain situations will also generate a greater need: taking diuretic drugs, physical exertion, high temperatures or after drinking alcohol are frequent situations which increase the need for water.

Hydratis is a French company developing easy-to-drink rehydration solutions that provide optimal rehydration. Find Hydratis products in pharmacies or on .

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The importance of hydration as you age

Older people are at a higher risk of dehydration than adults.

With age, the proportion of water present in the body decreases significantly: from 60% to 50% of body weight, which implies that with age it is necessary to pay particular attention to hydration to benefit of a better level of energy.

During episodes of diarrhea and vomiting, the risk of dehydration is increased tenfold due to the water loss generated as well as the loss of minerals and electrolytes.

How to recognize dehydration on a daily basis?

- Loss of appetite
- Unusually tired
- Headaches
- Unusual drowsiness
- A slight fever
- Dry mouth

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Tips for optimizing daily hydration

In order to protect yourself from dehydration it is essential to make sure you consume enough liquids during the day.

  • Choose fruits and vegetables rich in water
  • Drink throughout the day (every hour)
  • Increase the amount of water during the summer
  • Keep a water bottle with you whenever you go outside
  • Choose soups or stews during meals

What are the consequences of dehydration?

  • Weaknesses
  • Confusion
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Pressure ulcers in bedridden patients
  • Emergency hospitalization

Discover Hydratis 50+: the ultra-hydrating drink

Hydratis 50+ is the first rehydration solution for seniors in prevention or during proven dehydration. Based on WHO recommendations for rehydration and adapted to the needs of adults aged 50 and over.

Hydratis 50+ allows a more efficient and faster assimilation of liquids, adapted to the physiological constraints of people over 50 💦

Dilute a sachet in a glass of water and start each day with a large glass of Hydratis.

Hydratis' mission is to optimize each of your sips thanks to a natural hypotonic solution, rich in minerals and perfectly adapted to age-related weaknesses.

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The second mission of Hydratis is to make you want to drink . For this, the range presents three delicious tastes (with 100% natural aromas) in order to give you a unique taste experience:

- ANISE (Pastis)

Drinking finally becomes a real moment of pleasure!

Taste the new pleasure of drinking by finding Hydratis 50+ on or in pharmacies!

Are you dehydrated? Can't drink enough?
Discover the Hydratis 50+ range, specifically developed for the rehydration of seniors
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Hydratis 50+

* The causes of dehydration in seniors and the elderly:

Seniors often receive many medical treatments, including diuretic drugs, which cause significant elimination of water consumed and water stored in the body.

Loss of thirst sensation is also a cause of dehydration. Indeed, with age we gradually lose this feeling of thirst which is caused by several factors including the weakening of motor skills and the dryness of the skin and lips.

Elderly people with a loss of autonomy may find it difficult to get up to get a glass of water, even when they are thirsty.

There is also a decrease in kidney function with age: the kidneys retain fluids less and less well.

Vomiting or diarrhea, which are linked to various illnesses, can also accelerate dehydration.

Hyperglycemia, which is the most common diabetes in seniors, causes an increase in the frequency and quantity of urine. This loss of liquids in the body, therefore causes a loss of liquid which can lead to dehydration.