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Comment soulager la gueule de bois : Avis Hydratis

How to relieve a hangover: Opinion Hydratis

Hangover, how does Hydratis relieve after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol , for example, increases your dehydration and if you don't drink enough water with alcohol, you can become dehydrated quickly. Drinking helps prevent dehydration. But it's not about consuming just any liquid.

Why do you think alcohol causes dehydration ?

Simply because alcohol prevents the production of a very special hormone in the hypothalamus. This hormone is responsible for ordering the kidneys to retain water in the body . If the action of the diuretic hormone is inhibited by the presence of alcohol the body produces more urine and accelerates dehydration . Alcohol removes fluids from the blood through the renal system, which includes the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, at a much faster rate than other fluids.

It is therefore of the opinion to be particularly careful to drink water before, during and after alcohol consumption.

Relieve headaches caused by excessive alcohol consumption

Headache is one of the most well-known symptoms of a hangover, which can lead to loss of balance and dizziness. The diuretic effect of alcohol, explained above, dehydrates the body and this lowers the level of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain which can lead to migraines and headaches.

Hydratis is often used after alcohol consumption to rehydrate the body and avoid the symptoms of headaches, fatigue, muscle pain caused by alcohol consumption. Thousands of people have tested and given their opinions on Hydratis with satisfaction exceeding 90%.

Tips to avoid and relieve a hangover

  1. it is important to eat well before drinking alcohol. So opt for foods rich in protein and vitamins such as eggs, nuts and spinach.

  2. Let your body rest, get a good night's sleep.

  3. To exercise. Because it can boost your metabolism and help your body get rid of alcohol faster.

  4. Drink coffee or tea. These can help you wake up, but be sure to drink plenty of water too, as they are both diuretics.

  5. Hydrate yourself when you wake up with a large glass of water and Hydratis. Drink slowly and continuously until you no longer feel the need to drink. Alternate with water.

Hydratis, the opinion of thousands of users for hangovers

Hydratis is a solution based on electrolytes allowing better assimilation of liquids by the body in order to rehydrate quickly and effectively. A Hydratis tablet in a glass of water enriches it with minerals as well as increasing its osmolarity to approach that of blood and thus enter into "osmosis".

Hydratis has a our (verified review) rating of over 4.5/5 when used as a " hangover remedy "

  • Multiplies your hydration

  • Magnesium supports muscle recovery (avoid cramps and aches) and reduces fatigue

  • Zinc supports the immune system

  • Manganese is an antioxidant

Hydratis is an ideal hydration solution after alcohol consumption or in all situations that may lead to an increased need for hydration: physical effort, high temperatures, heat waves, diarrhea and vomiting.

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