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hydratation boire de l'eau vie saine hydratis

The 5 tips for drinking and staying well hydrated on a daily basis

It's a secret for no one, it is essential to hydrate because who says hydration says:
  • Supports healthy brain function and mood;
  • Regulates our body temperature;
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.
Most people do not drink enough or wait until they are thirsty to hydrate themselves when the feeling of thirst occurs at the onset of dehydration. Do not hesitate to drink! But how do you stay hydrated when you're not used to it? If this is your case, we give you 5 tips to prevent this phenomenon and maintain your physiological balance!

1- Drink regularly and distribute the amount of water over the day

It is important to distribute your hydration throughout the day to maintain a good water balance in the body. By distributing its hydration, we allow the body to stay hydrated continuously! This supports the body's systems and helps prevent thirst peaks from drinking too large amounts of water all at once, which can be difficult for the stomach to digest and cause bloating. This way you can better control your water consumption and avoid drinking too little or too much water!
To start your day off right, have a glass of water as soon as you wake up, it's a good reflex to adopt ;)
Overall, it is advisable to drink every hour. If you can't think of it, you can download apps.

2- Eat fruits and vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables are over 90% water, so they are good sources of hydration. Think in particular of the apple, the melon, the tomato, the cucumber… With these types of food, it is clear that you will have the fishing! But it's not enough to stay hydrated, so we recommend drinking regularly throughout your day.

3- Always have a water bottle on you

The ideal is to always have a water bottle at hand to hydrate at will! Whether at the office, during your travels, during your sports sessions and even at home, having a reusable bottle will encourage you to drink and allow you to have something to hydrate you at the slightest sign of thirst or a simple desire to drink. . Our body being made up of 70% water, it is necessary to stay hydrated throughout the day to allow our body to function well.

4- Spice up the taste of water

Vary sources of hydration. Drinking "natural" water is not necessarily easy for everyone, which is why you shouldn't hesitate to vary the pleasures. Does simple tap water seem a little bland in the long run? Add slices of cucumber or lemon, mint leaves or any natural product that will make it a drink to your taste, healthy and refreshing. Coconut, peach, lemon, the choice of flavored pastilles is varied at Hydratis! If you want to boost your hydration it is better to do it as healthily as possible. This will give a little taste to your water :)

5- Choose Hydratis!

Every day you can also opt for Hydratis tablets, available in several flavors to flavor the water at the same time as creating an ultra-hydrating drink! And yes, you have a wide choice at Hydratis. If you find the water bland and tasteless, we offer natural flavors of peach, berries, lemongrass...

Indeed, it is a solution that will facilitate everyone's hydration because it enriches the water with mineral salts, sodium, glucose and trace elements and allows the body to absorb water efficiently. They will accompany you on a daily basis, both during a sports session, during a heat wave, a trip or even when consuming alcohol.

Their use is very simple:
- you place a tablet in a glass of water,
- then wait a few seconds,
- and presto, it's your turn to drink!
    It's a good way to combine business with pleasure ;)
    Now don't hesitate to join the Hydratis team!