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froid hydratation bien être bonne santé

Don't Let Winter Get You Down: How to Boost Yourself in Winter?

The causes of winter fatigue, the main diseases

Winter fatigue is a completely ordinary situation. The lack of sun and heat, the shorter and moreover more rhythmic days are the main causes. This is why our body gets tired more quickly resulting in difficulty concentrating, drowsiness during the day, a gloomy mood, a lack of enthusiasm.

In addition, in winter, our body is more sensitive to pathogenic attacks. Temperatures drop, homes are less ventilated and we spend more time in enclosed spaces.

A cold environment has several consequences: it strengthens the protective membrane of viruses which facilitates their proliferation, it causes a drop in our body temperature and harms the proper functioning of our immune system, cold air dries out our respiratory mucous membranes which will no longer be able to properly fulfill their role as a protective barrier against external aggressions.

The main winter diseases are influenza, gastroenteritis, angina, bronchiolitis. In any case, prevention can help you get through winter more peacefully.

This is why it is useful to adapt your lifestyle during cold periods in order to fight against this winter fatigue, in particular thanks to a good diet, sufficient hydration and optimal sleep management. We must also keep in mind the barrier gestures (hand washing, limiting contact, airing the rooms, wearing a mask as soon as symptoms appear, etc.).

food and sleep

The body consumes very few extra calories during severe cold weather, so do not eat more. Having a healthy, varied and balanced diet is an essential condition for preserving your immune system. It is strongly advised to favor seasonal fruits and vegetables in order to regain energy, as well as to have a sufficient supply of nutrients and vitamins. Honey is also useful for its antibacterial properties.

Vitamin C is the most important, it helps to strengthen the immune system, it is found in citrus fruits: orange, clementine and mandarin. Iron and magnesium also serve to protect the body. Iron is present in red meat and black pudding; magnesium in cereals, legumes, green vegetables and dried fruits: brown rice, lentils, broccoli, spinach, almonds, etc. In addition, you can find vitamin cures without a prescription in pharmacies.

Sport and sleep are excellent allies for staying healthy. This is because exercise helps in the self-cleaning of the airways. A physical activity of 30 to 40 minutes practiced 3 times a week is recommended to strengthen the immune system and fight stress.

This can be sports practiced directly at home (yoga, etc.), or outside (walking, running, etc.).

A tired body is weakened and defends itself less well against attacks. This is why it is essential to adopt regular sleep schedules. A sleep lasting 7 to 8 hours is optimal for reboosting and starting the day well.

A good night's sleep is prepared throughout the day thanks to the various points previously mentioned. It will promote your memorization, concentration and management of emotions.

It is important to allow yourself moments of relaxation in order to take care of your mind, and therefore of your immune system. You can recharge your batteries mentally and physically by doing relaxation, yoga, meditation and sophrology sessions. These activities allow you to take care of your body by reducing stress.

Hydration and the Hydratis solution

The main risk during the winter is dehydration. As a reminder, the body is made up of 70% water. An adult loses an average of 2 L of water per day, which is why it is advisable to drink at least 2 L of water per day or 10 to 15 glasses.

In winter, water losses are the same as in summer, but we tend to drink less regularly. However, 2/3 of the water mass of the human body is in the intracellular space, in which there are high concentrations of salts and minerals. To preserve this electrolyte balance, it is absolutely necessary to remember to stay sufficiently hydrated.

Freezing air, the use of radiators and winter illnesses (mainly due to fever and diarrhea) will contribute to the dehydration of the body. From a health perspective, this will result in slower physical and mental performance, fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, cramps, anxiety, low blood pressure, bone problems.

The Hydratis solution enriches the water with mineral salts, sodium, glucose and trace elements. It therefore allows the body to absorb water more quickly and more efficiently while contributing to muscle recovery, reducing fatigue and fighting against cellular stress. The lozenges are colourant-free, preservative-free and contain natural flavors (peach, berries, lemongrass, ginger, mint, anise, neutral).

Supplementation of this water intake with foods rich in water (dairy products, fruits and vegetables: pear, apple, carrot, pepper, broccoli, salad, citrus fruits) is recommended.


Viruses circulate more easily in winter, associated with physical or moral fatigue due to the cold and lack of light, which makes it easier to fall ill. Simple and natural solutions exist to keep an efficient immune system during and in preparation for periods of extreme cold.

In case of illness causing complications on the general state of health, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Especially for fragile people who may experience breathing difficulties, prolonged fever, sensitivity to dehydration.

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