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A votre avis, pourquoi a-t-on soif après avoir bu de l’alcool ?

Why do you think people feel thirsty after drinking alcohol?

Why is the feeling of dryness or dehydration so strong after drinking alcohol ?

We will explain everything to you !

Alcohol is a “diuretic” , this means (to simplify) that alcohol will be a potentiator in water loss!

Most of us are already poor students when it comes to following the recommendations for daily water consumption and alcohol risks amplifying this potential for dehydration and the symptoms linked to it.

To quantify this, if you drink four 50 ml beers, your body will eliminate more than a liter and a half of water!

Alcohol inhibits the secretion of an antidiuretic hormone “ADH”, also called vasopressin, by the neurohypophysis. Vasopressin mainly has an antidiuretic role in the kidney, it allows the reabsorption of water because it acts on the collecting tube of the kidney. Thus, its role will increase the volume of water reabsorbed and reduce the volume of diuresis. Alcohol has an inhibitory effect on vasopressin, and will thus have an opposite role – and will therefore increase the volume of urine, hence the frequent urge to go to the toilet. It will also have the action of reducing the permeability of the renal tubules which normally allow tubular reabsorption. Thus, the volume of body water will decrease significantly. Alcohol will inhibit this hormone and thus the kidneys find themselves without this regulator and will seek to draw water from the body and eliminate it.

This leak of water through the kidneys will cause the first signs of dehydration: the urge to urinate very often, lips and tongues dry out, saliva is less abundant, etc.

But know one thing, if the desire to drink ( thirst ) comes to you; your body is already dehydrated!

Why do we have a headache after drinking alcohol?

Indeed, when you wake up, after drinking a few glasses of alcohol, the headache is not the most pleasant. Alcohol makes you eliminate a large amount of water due to alcohol and therefore it is the cells; and in particular those of the brain (neurons and glial cells) which suffer and are dehydrated! Your body is suffering and needs to resolve this water deficit.

This is why Hydratis is often seen as “the anti-hangover tablet”. Hydratis was not designed to be used to prevent hangovers, but it is effective! The active ingredients contained in Hydratis make it possible to optimize the absorption and assimilation of liquids by changing the osmolarity of liquids.

By coupling water molecules to sodium and glucose molecules Hydratis uses the principle of “cotransport” of water molecules. The passage of water through the digestive barrier with a supplement of trace elements and minerals not only allows faster absorption of liquids but will also support the metabolism in muscle recovery and thus avoid muscle fatigue and will support metabolism and immune system thanks to the zinc and manganese that each tablet contains.

Hydratis is used by thousands of French people on a daily basis. Hydratis has benefited from thousands of positive reviews!