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boisson hydratante sport

How good hydration can boost our energy?

How good hydration can boost our energy?

What are the consequences of poor hydration

Dehydration manifests as a state of physiological water shortage, it occurs when the amount of water eliminated by the body is greater than the amount absorbed. Situations that may be subject to this phenomenon are:

- Gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhea .

- Profuse sweating.

- Uncontrolled diabetes.

- In case of excessive intake of laxative medicines, constipation or diuretics (medicines which increase the production of urine).

- Excessive intake of alcohol.

-A supply of water and mineral salts does not compensate for losses.

During an examination, doctors can perform tests and measure the concentration of sodium and other electrolytes in the blood and the concentration of the patient's urine to better understand the severity of the stage of dehydration.

There is also the pinch test which allows you to immediately assess the situation. This test involves gently pinching the skin between the thumb and forefinger. If the skin immediately snaps back into place, everything is fine. If she keeps the mark and takes a few seconds to return to normal, this is a sign of dehydration.

Due to this dehydration, the electrolytes present in our body can become deficient, and water flows will no longer be able to occur as easily from inside the cells to the blood. The amount of water moving through the bloodstream is further reduced, and blood pressure drops, which can lead to dizziness and a feeling of impending unconsciousness, especially if the person stands up suddenly. If the situation worsens, blood pressure can drop to a dangerously low level, leading to shock and serious damage to several internal organs, such as the kidneys, liver and brain.

severe dehydration

It is similar to a decrease in weight greater than 5% of the total weight of the person. When this weight loss is greater than 10%, the proper functioning of vital organs (heart, blood vessels, liver, brain, etc.) may be compromised.

In addition to weight loss, severe dehydration is accompanied by one or more of these signs:

- a feeling of intense thirst

- a dull look and sunken eyes

- the appearance of a skin fold

- dry, cold and pale skin

- a fever

- low amount of urine

- headaches

- disorientation, dizziness

- consciousness disorders

- a change in behavior

Symptomatic treatment :

The treatment is to be adapted according to the state of extracellular hydration:

Isolated intracellular dehydration: pure water by mouth or by gastric tube.

Overall dehydration: hypotonic water and sodium intake ([NaCl 0.9% or NaCl 0.45%).

Associated extracellular hyperhydration: association of a hypotonic solution or pure water with a diuretic.

Our advice in terms of hydration

Thanks to good hydration , the cells of our brain can maintain a good level of oxygenation, 50 days are necessary to renew 99% of the water in our body by drinking 2 liters of water daily. Hydration is essential to ensure the transport and absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, as well as the elimination of residues and toxins generated by the metabolic processes of the human body through the renal system.

Drinking enough water also helps maintain normal blood pressure essential for cardiac activity. Mineral water is the essential water supply for life and has the particularity of containing no calories but mineral salts essential for absorption and cellular balance. It therefore remains the major support for good hydration.

You can also hydrate yourself with other drinks to vary the pleasures such as herbal tea, tea, coffee, fresh fruit juices... or simply by eating fruits with high water content such as citrus fruits or watermelons .

You have to be careful with drinks that are too sweet, which are harmful in the long term, and alcohol, which is a drink that dehydrates!

Also consider the water intake in the diet that you will find in fruits and vegetables.

In order to stay well hydrated, it is important to set goals:

- 2 glasses in the morning: eliminate toxins, rehydrate the organs and also allow our digestive system to wake up.

- 2 glasses with each meal: naturally promote satiety which gives us better control over the amount of food we consume per meal and will facilitate the digestion of the meal.

- 2 glasses in the afternoon: to reduce blood pressure.

- 1 glass of water before bedtime: helps prevent dehydration during our long hours of sleep.

Hydration to be adapted according to age and needs:

We do not all have the same needs, it varies according to the fat mass and the lean mass of the body which fluctuate whether one is a man or a woman, a child or an elderly person, an athlete or a rather sedentary person, or even a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

It is therefore important to set an objective adapted to each person's situation.

- Toddler: 0.9 L

- Man: 2 L/day

- Pregnant woman: 2 L/day

- Child: 1.2 L/day

- Woman: 1.6 L/day

- Breastfeeding woman: 2.5 L to 3 L

- Teenager: 1.5 L/day

- Elderly: 1.3 L to 1.4 L/day

- Sportsman: 3 L/day

Proper hydration helps the brain retain its energy and concentration to carry out all the intellectual gymnastics. Your body is also able to eliminate physical obstacles thanks to good sustained hydration.

Hydratis to help you

Hydratis is a French company specializing in the theme of body hydration.

The Hydratis solution has the property of enriching your water with mineral salts, sodium and glucose as well as trace elements in order to create an ultra-hydrating drink.

well-being hydration

The Hydratis drink allows water to be absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body while contributing to muscle recovery, reducing fatigue and fighting against cell stress (symptomatic of periods of dehydration). Our pastilles are without dyes, without preservatives and with natural flavors (Peach, Berries, Lemongrass Ginger, Mint, Anise and Neutral) you will find in our ranges a wide choice of products adapted to the needs of the whole family.

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