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Bye bye pimples, hello good hydration!

Bye-bye pimples, hello good hydration

Did you know ? Our skin is made up of 64% water!

Before understanding the benefits of good hydration on our body envelope, it is important to understand its role as well as the elements that compose it. The skin, an organ serving as the outer covering of the human body, mainly plays a role in protecting our organism. Its very large surface of 1.5 m on average requires continuous hydration. Indeed, our skin is made up of different layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis, which each contain a greater or lesser volume of water.

The dermis, or the intermediate position layer, provides support thanks to the collagen that structures it. This is the one that will contain the majority of the hydration: it is composed of 80% water! The epidermis, the outermost layer, will be, on the surface, composed of corneocytes: dead cells, very rich in keratin. We can imagine this part of the skin as a brick wall, whose role is to protect against attacks thanks to many levels of cells. We find between the latter a "cement" rich in lipids, which serves to connect them together. However, this intercellular cement can be dissolved: this is what happens when you wash your hands very frequently with soap or hydroalcoholic gel. These substances will disorganize the lipids and the water loss will be increased accordingly. This mode of water loss represents on average a volume of 250 mL of water lost per day but can increase depending on the state of the epidermis.

Other factors that can lead to dry skin include stress, poor diet, cold, or high temperatures, bad facial care habits (too aggressive cosmetics), pollution, etc. The problem of hydrating our body envelope will therefore involve limiting water loss, while continuing to provide it with it on a daily basis.

Hydration of the skin is beneficial for taking care of it!

The symptoms of skin lacking hydration will be a cracked appearance, tightness or even itching. Conversely, skin at the top of hydration will be smooth, luminous and very soft! One could easily think that moisturizing acne-prone skin is a bad idea. It is however a received idea! The excess sebum responsible for pimples and the shiny appearance of the skin has no direct correlation with high hydration.

On the contrary, all skin types need this water supply to be healthy. Indeed, skin dryness would unbalance and weaken the epidermis, and water loss will only be accelerated even more. It could then become the perfect ground for the appearance of pimples. In addition, skin dryness will accelerate the aging of the skin.

Conversely, good hydration will help maintain the skin barrier which protects against external aggressions, but also soothe it from tightness caused by dehydration or possible anti-acne drug treatment. It is therefore an essential condition for the good health of the skin and well-being in general.

However, it is true that this skin hydration should not be provided in the same way for different skin types. Acne-prone skin must therefore be pampered with a cream that will not accentuate imperfections. Also, some creams contain antibacterial and sebum-regulating active ingredients in their formula that can correct any acne-prone areas. Sensitive skin, meanwhile, should receive a cream suitable for soothing irritation and redness. Finally, whatever the skin type, bet on gentle cleansing care without irritating active ingredients.

Did you know ?

In the hydration of the body and the skin, organic silicon is a recommended active ingredient. Indeed, it softens the connective tissue and hydrates in depth.

The Qenoa brand, specializing in natural care with organic silicon, offers natural care creams suitable for dehydrated skin.

Oral body hydration

But hydration through the skin is not the only way to properly maintain the skin. Indeed, it must imperatively be associated with good oral hydration. In other words, drink water! More exactly 1.5 L per day, and even more if you practice a fairly intense physical activity that day or it is particularly hot. This will compensate for water loss through perspiration, even before feeling the sensation of thirst, which already indicates pronounced dehydration.

In order to put all the chances on your side to have a beautiful skin texture, prefer the choice of a water low in sodium, because this one promotes water retention. Similarly, try to limit its intake in food, especially through processed products that contain a lot. Instead, consume fresh fruits and vegetables without moderation, extremely water-rich foods that will effortlessly supplement the volume of water provided by the drink.

Finally, you can use commercial oral rehydration solutions that will improve your hydration. Indeed, these, such as those of the Hydratis range , are very rich in trace elements which will help to increase the absorption of water by the body.

You now know all the benefits of good hydration for the skin. Taking care of it on a daily basis in this way is an excellent habit and one more step towards self-care. In addition to radiant skin, your self-confidence will only be boosted in turn!