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Pourquoi est-il important de bien s’hydrater pendant ses menstruations ?

Why is it important to stay hydrated during your period?

Each month, a majority of women will have their period . Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in women of childbearing age. They mark the beginning of puberty and can last until menopause .

Menstruation is an indicator of female reproductive function and can influence a woman's daily life in different ways. Menstruation, commonly called menstruation, is the evacuation of the endometrium mainly in the form of bleeding. These bleedings occur cyclically, and last between 3 and 5 days on average. A complete cycle lasts 28 days, it prepares the woman's body for fertilization thanks to the action of LH and FSH. It includes the continuation of oogenesis, ovulation and the preparation of the endometrium for implantation, when the embryo is implanted in the lining of the uterus, it will thicken. But when fertilization does not take place, the body expels these surpluses, these are the rules. The volume of menstrual discharge is between 50 and 80 milliliters of blood, but varies between people and cycles. This cycle continues until menopause, when the woman has few or no more oocytes or in the event of fertilization which will induce pregnancy and stop menstruation.

Menstruation is therefore a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs in most healthy women. However, this phenomenon is not without consequence on the human body . The latter will have several answers which can be more or less disturbing .

Several symptoms are felt during menstruation . They can be pathological, but usually are just the result of normal menstrual activity .

Symptoms vary from woman to woman but some are more common than others :

  • Muscle pain, abdominal cramps . They are generally caused by an increase in the contractility of the uterus and arteriolar spasms.

  • Headaches, stomach aches, Especially due to dehydration and hormonal fluctuations.

  • Acne. Also hormonal fluctuations that over-stimulate the sebaceous glands increasing sebum secretion.

  • Bad mood.

  • Bloating, swelling. Here also the hormones that can create water retention

  • Hot flashes.

  • Sore breasts.

Many of these symptoms are of muscular origin. A sufficient supply of water can allow a reduction of these genes caused .

Water is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health, and for maintaining well-being. It helps regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and waste products , maintain skin health, and improve cognitive and physical performance. The WHO recommends a daily consumption of 2 liters of drinking water for an adult to meet his needs, which corresponds to 8-10 glasses of water .


Thus, muscular pains and abdominal cramps can be relieved and prevented thanks to a good supply of mineral salts, present in the water.

Headaches can be soothed in the same way. When the body is dehydrated, exchanges are less efficient and the brain loses elasticity . This loss is the direct cause of these pains.

Regarding bloating and swelling, as said before, water retention is the cause. Drinking water eliminates salt and toxins present and limits retention.

Good hydration reduces hot flashes by counterbalancing the perspiration thus created and helping to avoid too much water loss .

Hydratis specializes in body hydration. By consuming the hydratis pastilles, one can prevent dehydration or treat mild dehydration. The process is very simple: just introduce the effervescent tablets into a large glass of water and then drink it.

Hydratis contains several active ingredients to meet these needs: first of all magnesium which reduces physical and cerebral fatigue and which helps to reduce cramps. Potassium which allows normal muscle and nerve function, potassium also supports muscles to prevent cramps. It maintains the acid-base balance in the organism inside the cells and contributes to maintain the hydration of the latter. Sodium chloride, coupled with sugar, accelerates the absorption of water into the bloodstream. Finally dextrose, it synergizes with sodium chloride and enhances its effects.

Together, these trace elements will increase the benefits of water and improve the well-being of the patient.

Hydration is therefore an important part of managing symptoms related to menstruation. And to optimize hydration, it is advisable to combine water consumption with a healthy and balanced diet.