Crampes nocturnes et hydratation

Night cramps and hydration

The importance of hydration and minerals to prevent night cramps

We are all familiar with cramps: these involuntary contractures of the muscles during which they become suddenly stiff and very painful. They mainly target athletes, people over sixty, pregnant women but frequently affect any other type of population. These manifestations can occur at any time of the day but it is common for them to appear in the middle of the night, waking up the person who is the victim.

Among the multiple causes that are at the base of this phenomenon, there is an imbalance of minerals and a lack of hydration. Thus, it is useful to look into these two factors in order to try to get rid of these unpleasant cramps.

AT note that if the cramps occur very regularly and their pain is persistent, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

How to relieve an ongoing cramp?

The first thing to try if a calf cramp occurs is to stretch the muscle. For this, you can walk barefoot on cold ground for a few meters. If you prefer, you can, in a lying position, stretch the leg lengthways to counteract the contraction causing the pain.

You can also massage the muscle from bottom to top to promote venous return. Similarly, if you are about to sleep again, you can place a cushion at the foot of the bed to raise your legs, which will have the same effect. Another method is to apply a stream of cold water to the area of ​​interest followed by hot water to help release the muscle spasm.

Mineral salts and electrolytes : key to rehydration

Magnesium certainly plays a role in the occurrence of muscle cramps because it is a mineral that facilitates muscle contraction. Thus, a good supply of this element through food and mineral water ensures optimal functioning of the muscles. Among the symptoms of a lack of magnesium (fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances), one of them is particularly revealing: it is the famous twitching of the eyelids. So, when you experience these small inconveniences in the eye, it may be time to replenish your magnesium.

Potassium deficiency is also often incriminated when cramps are experienced. A moderate deficiency in this mineral is manifested by symptoms similar to those of a lack of magnesium, with sometimes additional gastrointestinal disturbances. Note that some diuretic drugs can promote the loss of these minerals.

So, when it comes to getting rid of cramps, one tries to rebalance the mineral levels in the body. For this, different options are available to us. The first is within everyone's reach: it involves looking at their diet and introducing ingredients that contain these magic minerals. We will then add legumes, dried fruits or oilseeds to the plate. Similarly, we will not hesitate to consume honey, bananas and even dark chocolate, for the greediest. By changing his eating habits in this way, there is a chance that the problem will be resolved quickly. If this is not enough, you can consult your doctor. The latter will possibly prescribe a blood test at the end of which he will judge appropriate or not the establishment of a magnesium supplementation.

Hydration as a key: pharmacist's opinion

Is rebalancing the minerals in your body enough to get rid of cramps? It may not. In general, we prefer to associate it with a good rehydration of the body, a completely complementary gesture since it will also help to provide the minerals that interest us while increasing their absorption.

It is well known: the feeling of thirst appears when dehydration is already well established. So, even if you don't feel like it, it's quite possible that you are dehydrated. Other signs make it possible to realize this low water content: fairly dark urine, dry skin and possibly headaches, difficulty concentrating or slow intestinal transit. It is therefore necessary to correct this lack, especially since good hydration has multiple health benefits, which go beyond protection against cramps.

But then how to rehydrate properly to avoid night cramps?

First, you can of course drink plenty of water, but also other drinks and beverages of all kinds: lemonades (without added sugar), fruit juices (in moderation), soups and stews will be allies of choice in your mission. hydration. Conversely, stay a little more away from diuretic drinks such as tea, coffee or beer.

Be sure to increase your fluid intake, especially when your body's water loss is significant. This is the case when it is very hot as well as when you practice a sport. Also, you can regularly change brands of mineral water because they do not all have the same minerals and/or in the same quantities.

Some commercial products such as Hydratis solutions can complete this in-depth rehydration . Indeed, the latter are concentrated in mineral salts, sodium, glucose and trace elements which, among other benefits, allows the body to better absorb water.

With the implementation of these simple and practical tips, you will quickly be done with night cramps! Nevertheless, you must not relax your efforts: it is by adopting good eating and hydration habits that you will fully benefit from the benefits of a healthy lifestyle over time. We bet that soon, you will no longer attend a sports session without your water bottle in your hand and a banana in your bag!

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