Crampes musculaires nocturnes : causes et remèdes

Nocturnal muscle cramps: causes and remedies

We give you the solution against night cramps!

Why do I have cramps? What are they due to?

Cramps are defined by involuntary contractures of a muscle or group of muscles suddenly becoming stiff and painful.

These cramps most often affect the lower limbs, but they can sometimes occur at night, which wakes the person experiencing them and can thus significantly disrupt the quality of sleep. Today we are going to review the best remedies for these painful nocturnal manifestations.

Note that if the cramps occur very regularly and the pain is persistent, it is necessary to obtain the advice of a doctor .

The first thing to do in case of night cramp

It's four o'clock in the morning. You wake up with a start as a shooting pain in your calf rouses you from your sleep. This rushed end to the sports session, without stretching, has not spared you and you are very annoyed. But then what can you do to relieve your leg and be able to return to the arms of Morpheus as quickly as possible? The first thing is to stretch the limb to help resolve the cramp. To do this, you can try walking barefoot on cold ground for a few meters. If this exercise is made too complicated by the intensity of the contraction, you can, in a lying position, stretch the leg lengthwise in order to counteract the contraction causing the pain. Once the cramp has passed, treat yourself to a massage of the muscle from bottom to top to encourage venous return. This massage can be accompanied by the application of essential oils such as true lavender or wintergreen, known for their analgesic properties. Another alternative to relieve the cramp is to take a cold shower ending with hot water, which often quickly releases the muscle spasm.

Warning: dilute essential oils well before use. Wintergreen essential oil is contraindicated in people allergic to aspirin or salicylates and if taking anticoagulants.

Diet and muscle cramps

It's the next day, you can't stop yawning and you're determined that this episode of cramps won't ruin your future nights. You therefore seek to implement the most effective solutions in order to overcome these. But for that, we must first understand what triggers them.

Cramps have various causes with a mechanism that is not always well understood and are therefore sometimes quite difficult to determine. One of the most common and well-known is magnesium deficiency, a mineral useful in muscle contraction. Potassium deficiency can also cause cramps. So, when it comes to getting rid of cramps, we make sure to fill in the deficiencies by optimizing our food intake. Foods like honey are full of nutrients and particularly mineral salts, just like legumes, dried fruits, oilseed fruits, bananas and even dark chocolate. So, by increasing their consumption, you will put all the chances on your side to get rid of cramps. If this is not enough, you may be able to benefit from magnesium supplementation on the advice of your doctor.

Don't neglect hydration

The best weapon against cramps surely remains impeccable hydration. Indeed, the drop in body water content is known to be the number one cause. The good news is that it is very easy to remedy, and the benefits of good hydration go far beyond muscle relief. You can therefore increase your water consumption by up to 2L per day, particularly when you play sports or when it is hot. Indeed, in these cases the body's water loss is increased and it is important to limit it before, during and after the sports session but also the tanning session. Prefer to purchase water rich in mineral salts, and change brands regularly in order to benefit from various contributions.

Certain over-the-counter products such as Hydratis solutions can assist you in this hydration mission. In fact, these tablets containing mineral salts, sodium, glucose and trace elements allow the body to better absorb water, which contributes to more effective muscle recovery and therefore contributes to our objective.

Some other remedies for night cramps :

  • If you are keen on homeopathy , you should turn to Cuprum metallicum in 9 CH . To prevent nighttime cramps, take 5 granules at bedtime. You can continue this ritual for several weeks until the disorder completely resolves.

  • If herbal medicine speaks to you more, passionflower will be your best ally. Indeed, this plant has muscle relaxant and analgesic properties. Additionally, it is known to reduce anxiety and insomnia, making it perfect for use where the occurrence of nighttime cramps has ended up making you dread bedtime. You can take passionflower in the form of glycerin macerate, one teaspoon morning and evening for 20 days.

  • Apple cider vinegar may seem a little less glamorous, but it is no less effective. Indeed, it is very rich in magnesium and potassium and can be used in multiple ways. First, by adding two cups to your bathtub when bathing, or by ingesting a teaspoon of this condiment in a cup of hot water with a spoon of honey.

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After having properly re-hydrated your body and found any other remedies that suit you best from this list, you have finally overcome these nasty night cramps. You can now sleep soundly!

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