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The Hydratis Challenge with Gandee.

Hydratis associates with International Solidarity And Gandee  and launched a campaign to raise awareness and collect donations for vulnerable populations who do not have access to drinking water.

The end of this campaign, the March 22, 2021 will score World Water Day . Since 1993, every year, this date is a celebration by the United Nations to highlight the importance of fresh water.

There are 2.6 million people dying each year due to inaccessibility to drinking water.

To convey the campaign and the message, Hydratis is launching a challenge on social networks #hydratischallenge, which consists of drinking a glass of water with your arm stretched above your head, to symbolize that access to water is a major problem in the world and raise awareness of this reality.


Specializing in the development of solutions to improve body hydration, the group's mission is to develop and make accessible hydration solutions suitable for everyone.

Today, many populations do not have access to quality water which is nevertheless vital for daily life. As a result, Hydratis deals with and deepens this problem with the aim of providing solutions to populations in need. “Hydration is a basic need for life and should not be a privilege but a right”.

International solidarity

Committed to access to drinking water and sanitation for all, International Solidarity has, since 1980, helped populations affected by conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters.

How to meet this challenge?

It's simple ! :

Invite your friends, colleagues and loved ones to take up the challenge and contribute to the kitty to share together a moment of humor but also solidarity. A donation, if only of 1 euro can for example allow a family to benefit from a day of access to drinking water in the south of SUDAN (15L/person).

The more you share, the more you will maximize the chances of collecting the most donation possible!

100% of donations will be donated to Solidarités International which, depending on the urgency and the needs, will finance several actions in the countries where the population is affected by the lack of drinking water. Each donor will receive on the tax receipt corresponding to the amount of the donation (66% for individuals and 60% for companies).