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Fatigue, coups de chaleurs et déshydratation : Hydratis sauve votre été ! 

Fatigue, heatstroke and dehydration: Hydratis saves your summer!

Synonymous with pleasure, vacations are made to change your mind: beaches, hikes, aquatic or extreme activities, they all have the same risk: dehydration and not realizing it quickly enough!

Controlling your hydration is key to feeling great! Commonly called cellular dehydration , lack of hydration is a scourge for our well-being – but it is often difficult to prevent it and even identify it!

Symptoms of Dehydration

Fatigue, headache, slack, cramps and aches or lack of concentration? These are the typical symptoms of dehydration!

This summer, after a day in the sun, on a walk or after a few glasses of dew, you risk being dehydrated! So how to fight?

Hydratis is a French start-up specialized in the theme of hydration!

The French start-up has developed a range of effervescent tablets (to be diluted in a large glass of water or in a water bottle) to optimize and multiply its hydration!

  • Based on the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) in terms of rehydration solution, the solution allows water molecules to pass through the cells of the body more easily and therefore to hydrate more effectively!
  • Minerals; Magnesium and potassium to support muscle recovery and prevent cramps and aches
  • Trace elements; Zinc and Manganese which will come to fight against the oxidative stress of the cells (antioxidant) and support the metabolism.

It is a complete formula and dedicated to hydration! Ideal for all situations resulting in a greater need for hydration: physical effort, heat waves and high temperatures or even after drinking alcohol and thus avoid the famous hangover !

When to take Hydratis?

- During a physical effort or sports ! A fan of sports activities, self-transcendence or rather Sunday sports?

Hydratis is ideal during exercise to optimize and maintain your energy level and endurance thanks to good cell hydration. Hydratis also allows faster muscle recovery thanks to the minerals it contains such as magnesium and potassium!

Whether during a hike or on a surfboard, Hydratis is the asset to have with either! Two pellets in a bottle and you have a drink with you with a light and fruity taste! Discover the Hydratis reviews on our site!

Heat and heat waves , don't forget Hydratis! Increasingly recurrent in recent years, these episodes can represent significant threats in terms of dehydration and sunstroke! To fight against these signs of fatigue, headaches, or even dry skin, take 1 tablet in a large glass of water morning, noon and evening to hydrate yourself effectively!

Anti-hangover ! Drinking four glasses of alcohol represents the loss of one liter of water, and we know it, we are not all diligent in drinking the recommended 1.5L every day!

To prevent those difficult mornings represented by the famous "hangovers", take two Hydratis lozenges in a large glass of water before going to bed and wake up more hydrated! This simple little gesture will save you long bad hours of headaches, stomachaches, cramps or even vomiting!