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Etre en forme au quotidien avec une bonne hydratation avec hydratis

How to stay well hydrated on a daily basis?

Stay hydrated daily

We are educated on the benefits of a varied and balanced diet, yet very little compared to hydration; what to drink, how often, in what situations and how to spot the first signs of dehydration?

In this article, you will discover the benefits that good hydration can have on a daily basis, and why water alone and low in minerals is not always enough to stay hydrated, as well as some tips for learning to identify the first signs of dehydration and recognize when you are well hydrated!

Why is hydration so important and what are the benefits?
The body is made up of about 60% water. It is the first constituent of the human body!

Water essential to life
Water plays several roles in the body:

  • Building role: Water is a building block of the human body. It is present in all cells, tissues and intra- and extracellular compartments.
  • Chemical role: water is both a solvent, a reaction medium, a reagent and a product of chemical reactions. It is also a product of oxidative metabolism.
  • Transport role: water is the major constituent of blood. It carries nutrients to cells and helps remove waste from the body.
  • Role of thermoregulation: water helps to maintain the body at the right temperature, during exposure to strong heat or extreme cold.
    The list of benefits related to hydration are endless, because it is one of the keys to the proper functioning of our body!

- Keep your skin well hydrated and healthy!
- Reduces toxins in your body through better cell turnover
- Better lubricated joints and optimized muscle function
- Ally of the flat stomach, because it promotes the feeling of satiety.
- Avoid constipation – choose waters rich in magnesium.
- Fresh breath! And yes, one of the signs that you are poorly hydrated is to have a dry and pasty mouth and therefore more likely to create unpleasant breaths.
- Avoids headaches thanks to better cell oxygenation.
- Thermoregulator! Our metabolism spends a lot of energy keeping our vital organs at a temperature of 37°C and hydration is key in this process!

Did you know ?

When we are thirsty, we are already dehydrated. Get into the habit of drinking regularly throughout the day and all before you feel thirsty.

Hydratis , specialized in hydrating the body from the inside!

Drinking more, yes, but drinking better is essential! Hydratis is a French brand which was created in 2019 and which invests in research and development to develop solutions to optimize its hydration. The company works in particular with fire stations on their hydration protocols or in the hospital environment for seniors in order to offer solutions to hydrate or rehydrate more effectively!

You can try Hydratis which is available in several flavors to flavor the water at the same time as hydrating you optimally! Find the products on the E-SHOP !

You can use Hydratis on a daily basis to be in better shape and to be able to take full advantage of all the moments of your day. Also ideal for chronic dehydration. One tablet in the morning to get the day off to a good start and one in the evening to stay well hydrated during the night, because we become dehydrated during our sleep and can be accentuated by the air conditioning or heating which dries out the room.

You can also use Hydratis on a particular occasion that promotes dehydration of the body such as physical exertion, a period of high heat, ideal to avoid a hangover! In the less glamorous register, you can also consume Hydratis during diarrhea or vomiting in order to hydrate yourself and replace the electrolytes lost during these episodes.

Hydratis accompanies you everywhere in your daily life to stay in shape and well hydrated!

But, how do you know if you are well hydrated?

There are simple and quick methods that allow you to assess its water status.

  • body weight
    Weight change tracking is the most widely used method of measuring changes in body hydration levels over a short period of time. The assessment should be done under standard conditions, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, after going to the toilet.
  • Urinary measurements
    The volume of urine often reflects the volume of fluids absorbed more than the state of hydration of the subject. However, the study of their color is a simple indicator to analyze: the clearer they are, the better the hydration.

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