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Déshydratation et fortes chaleurs : Comment optimiser son hydratation cet été ?

Dehydration and high heat: How to optimize your hydration this summer?

Extreme heat, heat waves and dehydration: How to rehydrate effectively this summer?

Dehydration occurs when the water consumption does not make it possible to compensate for the losses of the organism. Thus, by various phenomena, the human body can be led to lose large quantities of water and this can then lead to a state of dehydration . We will see what are the phenomena at the origin of dehydration and how to prevent its occurrence.

During episodes of high temperatures or heat waves , there is a rise in body temperature which should normally be between 36.1°C and 37.8°C. When it rises too much, we speak of hyperthermia and this can lead to a dysfunction of the vital organs and then prove to be dangerous for our organism. Thermoregulation, which means temperature regulation, makes it possible through various mechanisms to reduce body temperature, in particular through perspiration. Indeed, perspiration (or sudation) cools the body by emitting water droplets on the surface of the skin.

Maintaining a good level of hydration therefore allows the metabolism to regulate the temperature of the body and vital organs. It is therefore essential to be careful to drink throughout the day, as soon as you wake up during these periods of high heat.

Hydratis is a good ally to have this summer - the young French brand has developed hydration and rehydration solutions to optimize the assimilation of liquids. In the form of sachets or effervescent tablets, Hydratis enriches your water to multiply the absorption of liquids and reduce the risk of dehydration.

During intense heat and episodes of heat waves, our advice is to drink a glass of Hydratis morning, noon and evening to minimize the risk of dehydration and the many symptoms that it causes.

What situations increase my risk of experiencing symptoms of dehydration?

Hydration in sport

It is this same mechanism which is brought into play during the practice of a sports activity and it generates a loss of water which can be significant if the episodes of perspiration last a long time. It is commonly said that 1% dehydration is equivalent to a loss of 10% of one's energy level. During a physical effort, it is therefore essential to stay hydrated throughout it and during an effort of more than 30 minutes, to add Hydratis to your drink in order to replace the electrolytes (minerals) lost to the through perspiration and to optimize its hydration.

Alcohol = dehydration = hangover !

Alcohol is a diuretic and increases the risk of dehydration. Indeed, during the consumption of alcoholic beverages, alcohol enters the bloodstream. It then undergoes a metabolization step and is then eliminated in the kidneys. During its elimination, the kidneys use water from our body to eliminate this alcohol as quickly as possible, leading to dehydration which is the cause of many hangover symptoms occurring the day after parties a little too much. watered.

After drinking alcohol, take a large glass of Hydratis to maximize your hydration and avoid unwanted symptoms of alcohol, thousands of people use Hydratis in part for this reason!

Diarrhea, gastro and vomiting

Digestive disorders such as gastroenteritis or dysregulation of the intestinal flora can cause diarrhea and/or vomiting.

We speak of diarrhea when there is an increase in the frequency of stools (more than 3 stools in 24 hours) accompanied by a change in their consistency ranging from soft to liquid, resulting in significant elimination of water because it is not not enough absorbed by the digestive system and is eliminated with the stool.

Vomiting is characterized by the expulsion of stomach contents through the mouth and therefore the water that does not reach the level of the intestine is no longer absorbed.

Thus, all these mechanisms cause a loss of water and electrolytes which can be at the origin of dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration are important to know how to recognize because dehydration can have serious consequences on the body. Among these symptoms, there are: intense thirst, a decrease in the quantity of urine, a dry mouth and tongue, dry skin, fever, headaches or dizziness.

Hydratis 50+ is a rehydration solution suitable for adults in periods of dehydration which can be used during these periods in order to rehydrate effectively.

How to avoid dehydration?

To prevent dehydration and/or avoid its aggravation, it is essential to have optimal hydration. There are a few rules for this:

● Drinking about 2 liters of water a day helps prevent dehydration

● Sodas and fruit juices are prohibited

● Coffee should be avoided as it is a laxative

● Avoid alcoholic beverages

● Drink tea, herbal teas or soups

● Carbonated water but degasified because the bubbles are not good for the digestive tract. This water is rich in mineral salts essential for better rehydration

● Do not wait to be thirsty to hydrate because the feeling of thirst is already a sign of dehydration

Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are composed of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride, … and sugar such as glucose. These ORS are used to prepare a solution to treat dehydration. They are listed as WHO essential medicines and are used in infants, young children and adults to prevent or treat dehydration. This makes it possible to reduce by 33% the need for intravenous solutions which are used in first intention in the hospital to rehydrate.

Hydratis pellets are based on the principle of ORS. Indeed, they are composed of electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, chloride, zinc, manganese, sodium chloride) and dextrose which is a sugar. This allows for better water absorption and makes up for electrolyte losses. As the elderly are among those most at risk of dehydration, there is a specific “senior” range that comes in the form of a sachet.

These pellets and sachets can thus be used to prevent dehydration in the context of gastroenteritis and/or diarrhoea. If symptoms persist, it is essential to consult a doctor.

In conclusion, dehydration can occur on a daily basis during sports practice, in the event of high temperatures or during a disruption of the digestive tract. Thus, to prevent dehydration, it is essential to have good hydration.

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