Alcohol dehydrates

How it works ?

Alcohol dehydrates = headaches

Hydratis rehydrates = well-being

  • 2 tablets in a glass of water after the evening and wake up feeling great.
  • Thanks to a unique scientific formula based on minerals.
  • Available in several natural and delicious flavors.
  • Get a very low sugar drink.

✅ Boost your energy level

Why choose Hydratis?

Hydratis is used by thousands of partygoers!

  • Low in sugar

  • Easy to digest

  • Without dyes

  • Natural tastes

  • Minerals and trace elements


The science of hydration

Rehydration solutions contain a precise dosage of minerals, sodium and glucose to allow rapid assimilation of liquids and thus rehydrate the body quickly and effectively while compensating for electrolyte loss. This physiological principle has made it possible to significantly reduce infant mortality.

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