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Discover our 5 tips for daily well-being

Here are 5 things to do for your daily health

We often think that being healthy means not being sick. However, health can be considered as a daily and protean effort: a healthy body in a healthy mind. To achieve this, sometimes you have to take a few steps. From healthy living to sport and taking charge of your care , here are 5 little tips for good health.

Reform your lifestyle

Health comes first and foremost through small gestures that change and improve our physical composition. You have to pay attention to your hygiene, your diet, etc. Indeed, a well-maintained body will be much less likely to be weakened by bacteria or viruses. In addition, taking care of your systems (digestive, nervous, muscular and cardiovascular) helps maintain the body's balance, since the different parts are interdependent. It is this harmony that is called “health”.

The reflexes to have:

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet;
  • Hydrate regularly;
  • Preserve your sleep;
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol and coffee;
  • Be sure to maintain daily hygiene.

Mental well-being, key to health

We do not always think of this criterion, but it is decisive for maintaining our health, especially in periods of travel restrictions. Mental well-being greatly influences our physical health, as numerous studies have shown in recent years. So remember to take all worries away from you, relax and be optimistic.

The reflexes to have:

  • Relax (meditation, yoga, massages…);
  • Limit your screen time;
  • Maintain your social ties as well as possible;
  • Again, respect your sleep;
  • Take a step back from your professional activity.

Make sport your daily ally

Sport is an essential pillar of your health. Regardless of age, it is important to do regular physical activity. This mobilizes the muscles, the breath, the heart... And above all does a lot of good for the mind, since by releasing toxins, you fight against stress. The sport must be adapted to your needs: there is no need to become a bodybuilder, it is necessary above all that the chosen activity serves your well-being. Beyond pure and hard sport, there are small reflexes to have to improve your physical condition on a daily basis.

The reflexes to have:

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator;
  • Walk or cycle in place of transport, when you can;
  • Stretch upon waking and at bedtime.

Plan your consultations

To reform your health, prevention is better than cure. Some medical specialists must be consulted regularly so as not to miss any problems. This is the case, for example, of the dentist, the ophthalmologist, the gynecologist or even the general practitioners, if you are lucky enough to never go there.

Make a small diary of annual appointments to have a free spirit, organized. It is also important for the mind to tell itself that we are taking care of ourselves.

Be (re)insured thanks to your mutual

We never think of that when we talk about health, but mutual insurance is the main ally. Indeed, taking care of your body can quickly become expensive, and Social Security does not cover everything, far from it. To take matters into your own hands and be reimbursed as well as possible, you will need to choose a good health mutual. Several criteria must be taken into account in this choice:

  • Expenditure items (dental, optical, hearing, routine or hospital care);
  • The desired level of coverage;
  • The budget you want to grant to your mutual;
  • The options adapted to your profile (example: if you regularly consult an osteopath, it is better to choose an alternative medicine option).

This step is the “administrative” part of your personal health plan. Once you follow these five tips, you will already be healthier!