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Hydratis avis gueule de bois

What are the quick fixes for a hangover?

What is a hangover?

Who has never experienced this discomfort when waking up the day after a drunken evening? Dry mouth , nausea, headache, vomiting, this is what is commonly called a "hangover" (or Veisalgia).

It is the consequence of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and occurs during the period of alcohol elimination: when the blood alcohol level (alcohol level) decreases.

What are the most common symptoms?

  • A dry mouth
  • The feeling of weakness
  • Tiredness ;
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Its mechanism is not completely known, but several hypotheses have been put forward:

  • The main hypothesis is that which says that the hangover would be caused by dehydration due to alcohol: but the symptoms are not completely identical to those of dehydration (see the article on dehydration). So there are additional mechanisms.
  • Hypoglycemia caused by excess alcohol may be the cause of reactive dehydration.
  • But some symptoms could only be the consequence of certain substances contained in alcohol: methanol, histamine, polyphenols. These would be the cause of headaches, sweating and dizziness.

Indeed, there would be a correlation between the methanol content of alcohols (such as wine, bourbon, brandy) and the intensity of hangovers. This is how vodka containing little methanol would cause less intense hangovers.

But is there a miracle cure for a hangover? How to manage the aftermath of difficult evenings? We have compiled some tips for you to relieve a hangover. Good news, most of these tricks are natural!

Our solutions against hangovers

Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution, not drinking alcohol remains the best way to prevent a hangover, but here are some tips to apply to reduce its impact.

  • Be sure to eat before you drink, preferably something fatty. Drinking on an empty stomach is an unforgiving mistake!
  • To reduce alcohol-induced dehydration and its unpleasant consequences, it is advisable to hydrate with water during and after alcohol consumption.
    • It is advisable to drink a glass of water between each glass of alcohol to compensate for dehydration.
    • Another tip is to always have a bottle of water by the side of the bed so you can drink before and during the night and reduce the effects in the morning.
  • Avoid alcohols that are too concentrated in methanol (especially wine) and above all avoid mixtures of alcohols: the more alcohol consumed, the worse the hangover the next day.
  • Sleeping well is still important: although it won't prevent a hangover, a bad night's sleep could make the symptoms worse.
Steps to take the next day

What to drink after a hangover?

Hydration remains the best solution against a hangover , so the next day you have to: fill in the dehydration due to alcohol. Using electrolyte -rich isotonic drinks that promote rehydration helps speed recovery.

It is also advisable to consume sugary drinks such as juice to reduce hypoglycemia.

Watch out for coffee! It is a false friend in this situation because its diuretic properties promote dehydration.

What to eat after drinking alcohol?

You can include in your breakfast some foods to fight against a hangover:

  • A Banana: indeed alcohol has diuretic effects, which means that we urinate more often. This therefore leads to obvious losses of water but also of other elements such as potassium: this loss of potassium could be the cause of the nausea and weakness encountered the day after the evening. Incorporating a banana (food rich in potassium) into your breakfast is therefore a good way to restock and reduce this inconvenience.
  • Eggs: These are foods rich in cysteine, an amino acid that destroys toxins (detoxifying). Their consumption is therefore a means of reducing headaches.

Other solutions

Certain essential oils, in particular peppermint essential oil or rosemary essential oil, are known for their detoxifying and hepatic properties: they decongest the liver and stimulate its activity. The liver is the organ that breaks down alcohol, so these help to speed up the process and reduce the duration of the hangover.

  • For peppermint, just a drop of essential oil under the tongue, or a drop on the temple, it is also possible to massage the painful areas.
  • Rosemary leaves can be prepared as an infusion.

If the signs do not pass, it is possible to take some medications to reduce the headaches:

  • Paracetamol: it is recommended as first-line treatment for acute alcoholization (punctual, not daily). On the other hand, it is not recommended if alcohol consumption is chronic (alcoholism) because its degradation contributes to liver toxicity.
  • Ibuprofen: in cases where paracetamol cannot be used, it can be used because it does not induce liver toxicity: CAUTION they should always be taken with food.


Your first instinct to fight a hangover is hydration! HYDRATIS ® offers an ideal solution to optimize your hydration: its electrolyte composition promotes the absorption of water by your body and therefore hydration.

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the article on the role of electrolytes in hydration.