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fête alcool fin d'année

Christmas and New Year, alcohol abuse, dehydration = danger!

Christmas and New Year, alcohol abuse, dehydration = danger!

The end-of-year celebrations are, nowadays, almost synonymous with excess. Between the multiplication of rich meals that last until late at night, and the alcohol that waters the palates and increases the laughter, the body has no right to rest. But once the euphoria of the moment has passed, it's a cold shower. We wake up on January 1 with no energy, a pasty mouth and terrible headaches. What a way to start the year!

But then, apart from leaving your resolutions aside by remaining sprawled on the couch, what can you do to overcome this lethargic state? And, since prevention is always better than cure, what strategies should be put in place to limit the damage this year?

Note that alcohol has health risks and the best way to protect yourself and limit your consumption. Also, if your state of intoxication or that of a friend seems severe, contact a doctor urgently.

The role of water, the dangers of alcohol

Did you know ? Most of the symptoms associated with a hangover are due to dehydration. Indeed, alcohol causes the body to eliminate excessive water, carrying with it quantities of electrolytes in the urine. Also, the feeling of thirst only appears late in the complete process of dehydration: if you feel thirsty, it is because it is already well established. So, before you rush to a box of painkillers in case of headaches the next evening, bring yourself a large flask of fresh water and drink.

Water, you have often been told, is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Indeed, it allows the kidneys to exercise their role of filtration, which will help the body to eliminate metabolic waste. In addition, it participates in the regulation of body temperature and hydrates the skin and mucous membranes. Thus, we will see that it will be a question of limiting your alcohol consumption during the holidays, so as not to lose too much of this precious water.

But booze won't be your only false friend at Christmas or New Year's. Indeed, we tend to eat a lot there… and very rich! Meat dishes accompanied by starches and seafood platters follow one another, and the appetite always returns in front of the multiplication of refined appetizers. However, overeating, especially salty foods, dehydrates.

What to do before the party?

To avoid dehydration, it goes without saying: you have to drink before going to your party, and in larger quantities than usual. This will fill the body's water stores and correct any water deficit already present. A tip: take a large bottle of water with you wherever you go for the preparations.

On the food side, favor light meals, but nevertheless complete: if eating little during the day might seem like a good idea, this is absolutely not the case. Indeed, firstly, the appetite would be at its peak at dinner time and the moderation that you could exert on your consumption of food and alcohol would be diminished. So, eat without depriving yourself, and don't hesitate to include soups and soups in your menu to optimize water intake.

What strategy to adopt during the evening

The food

We are there: the appetizers are served and the glasses clink, the celebration of the end of year celebrations can begin! But don't lose sight of your goal: this year, we're having fun without drying out.

To do this, identify dehydrating foods. First, all high salt dishes. Indeed, this is the target of the water in the body which will try to eliminate its excess while also being evacuated at the same time. Thus, it will be necessary to be wary of industrial products, charcuterie, crisps or even certain cheeses. Similarly, meats, which are very rich in protein, are dehydrating. This is due to the large amount of water the body needs for the elimination of nitrogen.

As a guest, it is sometimes tricky to refuse to (re)serve yourself, even when your appetite runs out. In order not to offend friends or family, you can politely ask that we put some aside for you to take away to indulge in the tasting once your stomach has rested.

alcohol and hydration

We are not going to forbid you to serve yourself a drink or two here if you are used to it. You know the proverb: “It's the dose that makes the poison”. While applying it to alcohol consumption would minimize its health risks and addictiveness, it illustrates quite well our goal of drinking in moderation. To do this, it is necessary to become aware of your state of alcoholism gradually, taking breaks between each glass, and drinking as slowly as possible. Avoid mixing too many different alcohols. Indeed, between champagnes, beers and wines, all with different levels of ethanol, the liver does not know where to turn and the hangover will only be greater.

But the most important trick directly concerns this famous hydration: it is the key to a serene aftermath of the evening. Also, drink continuously during the evening, for example by establishing the rule of not refilling yourself before having drunk at least one glass of water before each glass of alcohol. If you are the host, offering lightly flavored water (peach or lemon, for example) may encourage your guests to quench their thirst more often by adding a little tasty touch.

The water will dilute the passage of alcohol through the blood and provide a more gradual experience of the festivities. In addition, it will also have the effect of filling the stomach bringing the feeling of satiety more quickly. Finally, maintaining its reserves within the body will alleviate a number of unpleasant symptoms the day after the evening. However, be careful not to be mistaken: the consumption of water at the same time as alcohol does not in any way reduce the blood alcohol level.

After the party

It's morning, or rather... noon. And you wake up with sore temples, gastrointestinal pain and nausea. If despite your precautions, the festive atmosphere of the New Year still carried you to the middle of the night, don't panic! The agenda is to recover form . For starters, get out of bed! Do not hesitate to take a short walk in the open air to get some exercise. This will help "wake up" your body and activate the elimination of metabolic waste from the alcohol.

To recover from a boozy evening , there's nothing like good vegetables that will provide you with vitamins, fiber and many minerals. As well as the day before, bet on soups and soups, accompanying them with protein (ideally fish).

Obviously, getting back on your feet will go through hydration. The day after the evening, a significant supply of water will take you to the saddle many times which will accelerate the elimination of accumulated toxins.

You are now ready to spend magnificent end-of-year celebrations under the sign of moderation. You will be in great shape to start the new year, and take up the challenges it will offer you!