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The history of Hydratis

Hydratis is the adventure of two French entrepreneurs: Jérémy Boué and Théo Heude who were interested in hydration and its importance on health and well-being.

The solutions were democratized in the early 1980s and made it possible to significantly reduce infant mortality worldwide. Indeed, dehydration and the inability to rehydrate during health epidemics and diseases such as cholera was for a long time the leading cause of mortality.

The research led to a simple result making it possible to formulate and prescribe water enriched with minerals, glucose and sodium to allow water molecules to be assimilated by the body through the intestinal walls.

Beyond the vital issue of hydration, it appears to be a central subject for daily well-being. Yet few people are aware of what “ being well hydrated ” means – “how to recognize dehydration?” and “How to hydrate well every day?”.

A meeting under the sign of travel

It all started with a meeting, on the other side of the world, in Australia, in 2019. The two partners met in Sydney when they were only around twenty years old and were each entering working life.

It was their strong taste for travel and their shared desire to enjoy life to the fullest that gave them this desire to undertake. After being personally affected by dehydration while traveling, sometimes to the point of putting themselves in danger, they became interested in the subject and became experts on the subject.

If solutions already exist in Australia and the United States, in Europe and particularly in France, everything still needs to be created...

From design to completion

It was in 2019 that the two friends began to explore the subject in depth and joined forces with laboratories, health professionals, pharmacists and scientific offices in order to explore how they could offer a healthy and natural alternative to allow everyone and everyone can rehydrate in a simple and effective way.

The problem appears obvious: 75% of the French and Western population experience symptoms of dehydration on a daily basis: cramps, aches, fatigue, loss of concentration, etc.

Based on WHO recommendations for rehydration solutions as well as the bibliography on this subject, the company has developed a range of products in the form of tubes and suitable for ages 3 and up, available in several natural flavors.

Hydrate today

Hydratis is now available in nearly 3,500 pharmacies throughout France, Belgium, Malta, Luxembourg and the French overseas territories as well as in the Monoprix Health Corner.

Hydratis is also a growing team and many projects are underway to make information and education around this theme accessible to all and thus improve the quality of life and well-being through good hydration.

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