L'été 2022 arrive à grand pas ! Comment maintenir son hydratation lors d'épisodes de canicule ?

Summer 2022 is fast approaching! How to maintain hydration during heat waves?

Heat wave, dehydration and rehydration: risks and tips

Whether on vacation in a hot country, or during the summer in France, heat waves are difficult to bear and can quickly affect your energy level. With the rise in temperature, water needs increase drastically and it becomes necessary to rehydrate sufficiently or risk becoming a victim of dehydration .

In this article we will explain the effects of rising temperatures on the body, the warning signs of dehydration, as well as tips for rehydrating and countering the effects of heat.

Rise in temperature: impact on the body

When the thermostat increases, the body engages its thermoregulation to maintain its constant body temperature. One of the most effective mechanisms involved in cooling the body is sweating . Indeed, a thin film of sweat is released on the skin, bringing it freshness. It then evaporates, allowing the dissipation of heat and thus the cooling of the body. Since sweat is made up of water and electrolytes (sodium and chlorine), it makes this process costly in terms of water and minerals for the body.

The first effects of high heat on the body are therefore dehydration and loss of electrolytes if rehydration is not sufficient. This first results in a strong feeling of thirst and dry mucous membranes . Then appears a persistent headache , cramps and a feeling of fatigue . A good indicator of dehydration is a weight loss of around 5%, the body being composed of 65% water. Signs of severe dehydration are hypotension and neurological disturbances such as confusion, dizziness or disorientation.

These signs should not be overlooked, especially for young children and the elderly who are particularly at risk of dehydration:

- In infants and young children , this is due to a higher proportion of water in the body: it reaches 75%. Thus, skin water loss is increased. They also have a higher metabolism , which leads to greater water loss. They therefore need much more frequent water intake compared to adults, but many children do not have the reflex to drink and infants can hardly communicate the feeling of thirst.

- In seniors , the proportion of water in the body is reduced, it reaches 50%. Similarly, with age, there is a loss of the feeling of thirst which can be very dangerous since the elderly person will not realize their state of dehydration and will not have the reflex to hydrate themselves sufficiently. .

For them, rehydration and water consumption must be frequent and in large quantities . There are warning signs such as dark urine , apparent confusion , apathy or even visible and marked fatigue which should encourage you to make them drink and maximize their rehydration. We give you all the tips to increase their rehydration in the second part of the article. Sudden and excessive heat can also cause what is called heatstroke . These are easily identifiable because they cause a headache associated with fever , nausea and vomiting but also dizziness.

Finally, the heat upsets the body physically but also mentally. It affects the brain and causes a decline in cognitive functions leading to a drop in productivity. It also impacts morale and can cause anxiety, nervousness, a decrease in the quality of sleep (insomnia).


Tips for maximizing rehydration and protecting yourself from the heat

Now, let's see what solutions exist for rapid and effective rehydration, especially for those most sensitive to heat waves.

Rehydration is fundamental to allow the proper functioning of the body and compensate for water loss due to perspiration. It is all the more important in people at risk:

· The Hydratis solution allows rapid and effective hydration with a precise formula allowing an adequate supply of minerals and trace elements which promotes maximum absorption of water. This optimization of hydration is a major asset in the fight against dehydration and its consequences. The body is rehydrated faster and more efficiently than with drinking water alone.

· With the help of its senior range , thought out and designed for the elderly, Hydratis also provides enhanced hydration for people who particularly need it.

In addition, it is important to drink without waiting for the feeling of thirst, which is already a sign of dehydration . Water intake should be continuous throughout the day. You can also add ice cubes to your drinks as well as flavor the water with Hydratis pastilles and their fruity flavors to make it more attractive.

Food also has a role to play in hydration. We advise you to favor foods rich in water and minerals, for this there is nothing better than consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition, it is necessary to moderate the consumption of alcohol, coffee or even laxative drugs which cause dehydration.

There are also some good tips to know to avoid the heat when the weather is hot:

- Stay cool: lower the shutters during the day then ventilate the living space at night when the temperature drops by opening the windows.

- Avoid going out and practicing sports during the hottest hours.

- Nothing better than taking reasonably cold showers, moistening your face and neck with an atomizer or spraying yourself with water to cool off. With a thin film of cool water on the skin, the body can accentuate the phenomenon of evaporation to lower its temperature.

- It is also advisable to eat light in order to reduce the digestive load and save energy and water consumption in the body. In the same vein, we advise you to drink drinks at room temperature, because although consuming cold drinks gives a feeling of freshness, they lead to high energy consumption.

- You can also favor clothes made of light material, such as linen, which will promote air circulation.

In conclusion, the most effective way to protect yourself against the heat, and this, whatever the time of year, is hydration . It is therefore necessary to maintain your level of hydration in an optimal way, and more particularly, for the people most sensitive to heat: children and the elderly. The Hydratis formula is the ideal solution to rehydrate the whole family, regardless of location. Designed to make hydration simple and accessible, don't let yourself be surprised by the heat wave with the help of Hydratis tablets.

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