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La reprise du sport post-confinement : comment s’y prendre et l'importance de l'hydratation - HYDRATIS

Resuming sport post-lockdown: how to do it and the importance of hydration

France is gradually getting better... Did you leave physical activity aside during confinement and do you feel it's time to resume sport?
Here is a practical guide of advice to follow in order to avoid any possible injury.



How to start your return to sport?

1) Do a health check

If you are over 35 for a man or 45 for a woman, it is strongly advised to carry out a general check-up with your doctor before resuming regular physical activity. This will allow you to take stock of your heart rate, your breath and your potential deficiencies.

2) Start slow and gradual

If you've lost the habit of exercising, it's important to get back into it gradually.
No need to put pressure on yourself, it's about getting back in shape, not a marathon. Performances will come later.


3) Hydration

Staying hydrated during your workout is essential, otherwise you risk having cramps and/or pain . Water provides the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles and promotes the recovery process.

Know that 2% dehydration causes a drop in energy of more than 20%.
Are you not used to drinking a lot of water or do you need extra hydration ?
Hydratis pellets allow you to obtain accelerated hydration by consuming
a drink rich in mineral salts (including magnesium , potassium ) with a natural and fruity taste.

You will thus compensate for your deficiencies while gaining in performance and endurance.
For best results, we advise you to dissolve two lozenges in a water bottle during training?



4) Set realistic goals

Listen to your body, if you feel that you no longer have the strength to continue, gradually stop your sports activity. Stay focused and manage your training according to your own physical abilities, not those of your neighbor. Set achievable goals on a weekly or monthly basis.


5) Adopt good reflexes

At the beginning of the session, drink to provide the nutrients necessary for the e ff ort and warm up to increase the body temperature and prepare the muscles to avoid cold injuries . It also helps prepare your brain for physical activity .

At the end of the session, we drink again to compensate for the water losses linked to perspiration which lead to a loss of electrolytes (or mineral salts ). It is important to gradually resume a rhythm by breathing deeply, walking for a few minutes and ending with stretching exercises without forcing. This phase tells your body that the session is over . You will be able to end the sports session in a serene way.

6) Surround yourself well

If you like to play sports with others, do not hesitate to form a small team and, if you can, to recruit a sports coach. It can be very motivating for everyone.
Surrounding yourself well also means having a good medical and paramedical network. Find an osteopath or a physiotherapist who can guide you on the exercises to prioritize according to your posture and your morphology.

You are finally ready for a smooth return to sport in order to regain a firm and healthy body this summer.


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