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Hot and cold climate and the impact on our hydration needs

Changes in temperature and particularly hot or cold climates are very dehydrating for our body. It is important to understand the impact of these climates on our bodies and the tips to remember to avoid dehydration .

What then are the mechanisms involved? What are the right reflexes to adopt?

Warm climate

A hot climate causes your body's core temperature to rise .

This is reflected in particular by a higher rate of sweating, leading to a loss of fluid and electrolytes. It is through perspiration that our body cools down.

When the outside temperature is too high, our body has a hard time cooling itself effectively. This can lead in particular to heat exhaustion .

Engaging in physical labor or endurance exercise in hot weather will increase the risk of dehydration . This will speed up the rate at which your body loses fluids and lead to dehydration , especially if electrolytes are not replenished.

It is therefore necessary to stay hydrated continuously to counteract dehydration in hot weather, regardless of your level of activity. This will lower your body temperature and replace the fluid and mineral salts you lose through sweating. Water enriched with electrolytes should therefore be preferred and should be drunk before reaching the thirst stage.

Here are some tips to avoid dehydration in hot weather:

✓ You can flavor your water if it helps you drink more, which will allow you to combine pleasure and hydration.

✓ Do not wait to be thirsty to drink and always have water available .

✓ Prefer to stay in a cool place (or at least in the shade outside).

✓ Eat fruits and vegetables rich in water and mineral salts (cucumber, watermelon, etc.) throughout the day for even more hydration.

✓ Avoid drinks that contain caffeine or other stimulants , they are not an appropriate rehydration fluid since they are diuretics.

✓ Avoid the sun in the middle of the day, prefer to exercise early in the morning or in the evening rather.

✓ Wear sunscreen and a hat , sunburn prevents your body from cooling down properly.

✓ Wear thin, loose clothing , this allows good air circulation, which helps sweat to evaporate.

cold climate

We must not neglect the effect of the cold which generates the same risks of dehydration as the heat wave!

The contact of the skin with the air induces a natural phenomenon of evaporation , part of the water contained in the skin evaporates. When it is cold, the air is drier, the loss of water through the skin is then accentuated.

In addition, the cold causes a contraction of the blood vessels present on the surface of the skin. This induces a decrease in blood flow as well as the amount of water carried by the blood. The skin's natural hydration is therefore less and cannot compensate for the water that evaporates on contact with cold, dry air.

In cold weather, the body's thirst response is diminished (up to 40% even when dehydrated). This happens because our blood vessels constrict when we are cold to prevent blood from flowing freely to the extremities. This allows the body to retain heat by drawing more blood to its heart.

In winter, dehydration is further accentuated due to the temperature variations undergone by the body when it constantly passes from hot to cold. Heating also contributes to increased water loss.

In cold weather, we lose more fluid through respiratory water loss . For example, when you can see your own breath, it is actually water vapor that your body is losing. The colder the temperature and the more intense the exercise, the more steam you lose when you breathe.

Sweat evaporates faster in cold air. We often think we don't sweat in cold, dry weather because it tends to evaporate so quickly. This is another factor that can contribute to decreased thirst .

Here are some tips to avoid dehydration in cold weather:

✓ Make sure the skin is well hydrated : Apply morning and evening a moisturizing cream (and a moisturizing lip balm) which will limit the loss of water on the surface by retaining it in the cells of the upper layer of the skin. the epidermis.

✓ Make sure you drink enough : 6 to 8 glasses a day in the form of water, herbal tea, broth...

✓ Avoid sudden temperature variations : frequent changes from hot to cold and vice versa accentuate dehydration. Prefer wearing several layers of clothing that can be removed or added as needed. The goal is to maintain an even temperature .

✓ Avoid overheating the home : Air that is too hot and too dry can accentuate dehydration. You have to be able to control the temperature of your home. It is necessary to be able to humidify the ambient air, the use of an air humidifier is a trick which makes it possible to slow down dehydration. You should also avoid showers and baths that are too hot.

Whether it is in hot and humid weather or in cold and dry weather, good hydration is essential to counter the consequences linked to these climates which are particularly conducive to dehydration. Staying hydrated properly, eating a balanced diet and following our advice will allow you to stay well hydrated all winter and all summer long .

The HYDRATIS solution, in addition to providing you with mineral salts and trace elements , allows water to be absorbed more quickly and efficiently. A Hydratis tablet added to your water will allow you to optimize its absorption and maximize your hydration .


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