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Seniors : comment garder la forme ?

Seniors: how to keep in shape?

Stay active to keep in shape: the key to well-being!

To keep in shape , you have two allies to never let down whatever your age : physical activity and mental activity. But why is it even more important when you're a senior? After a busy family life and professional life, we would tend to want to be quiet and tell ourselves that daily efforts are for the younger generation!

Think again !

First, regular physical exercise improves what is called aerobic capacity: it is your body's ability to use inspired oxygen. By practicing regular physical activity, this aerobic capacity is improved because you increase the density of your capillaries and the surface of the alveoli of your lungs. These two phenomena have the effect of better use and better circulation of oxygen in your body.

This will also have overall beneficial effects on your entire cardiovascular and pulmonary system. Many age-related chronic diseases affect these two very fragile systems if they are poorly maintained. Also remember that a physical practice maintains a good blood supply to the brain, which will help maintain cognitive functions and neural connections.

Then, physical activity maintains for longer the good balance of bone density, which physiologically decreases with age, and the good balance of the immune and inflammatory system. Finally, staying physically active is necessary to slow the decline in muscle mass and strength.

Here are some ideas for physical practices to keep fishing: walk 20/30 minutes per day, do weight training, simple exercises such as squats, squats and lifting light weights for example, participate in classes pilates, yoga or dance, gardening or even swimming, which preserves the joints, because the movements are fluid and without impact!

Regarding cerebral activity, the brain is a muscle that must be maintained as such, and we must not forget it. Reading, cultivating, solving sudoku or playing chess are some examples of very beneficial daily brain activities. Indeed, it allows the improvement of cerebral plasticity, the stimulation of neurogenesis and areas of the brain related to memory, learning and reasoning.

Next, water helps protect the organs by helping them eliminate toxins, maintain skin elasticity, prevent disease, and maintain bone density. For example, water helps protect the kidneys by facilitating the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body. Hydration helps maintain electrolyte balance through minerals provided by water such as sodium, potassium and calcium which are essential for the functioning of muscles and nerves.
Water helps maintain electrolyte balance by allowing electrolytes to move freely through the body. Staying hydrated also improves joint lubrication, which reduces friction and joint pain.

Hydration also plays an important role in maintaining mental health. The brain needs water to function properly, and even mild dehydration can affect cognitive function and emotional well-being. Dehydration can cause deterioration in mood, concentration, alertness and memory, as well as increased fatigue and anxiety.
For good hydration, it is recommended to drink throughout the day, a glass of water every hour for example. The ideal is to set a goal, such as drinking two bottles of water of 1 liter per day.

Hydratis , THE solution to keep in shape.

Hydratis offers perfect products to supplement your daily hydration or during your physical activities. The components present in the products make it possible to actively supplement your hydration. The effects produced are beneficial for your physical and mental form: they support your muscle function, boost metabolism, reduce headaches, cramps and body aches related to physical activity. Hydratis chose to produce pastilles effervescent because this form is very practical to perfectly dissolve in water and improve the absorption of the nutrients present in the lozenges.

The pellets are composed of minerals and electrolytes. Minerals are essential nutrients for the human body, which perform a variety of important functions. They are necessary for the growth, development and maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, muscles, organs and tissues. Electrolytes are also minerals, but they are electrically charged. They are involved in many physiological processes in the body. They play an important role in regulating water balance, maintaining nerve and muscle function, and regulating blood pressure.

Hydratis has therefore found the solution to optimize your hydration and provide each sip you drink with a nutritious contribution, and this, over the long term.
All you have to do is try, good hydration to all!