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Les meilleurs remèdes naturels anti-gueule de bois !

The best natural hangover remedies!

Hydratis, the natural anti-hangover remedy to relieve the aftermath of the party

The famous " hangover " and the headaches or vomiting it causes can make you live painful weekends and quite simply ruin your life. So the question arises frequently; is there an effective remedy after the party ? And what is the best remedy to relieve the effects of "biture" after a drunken evening?

Hydratis, in your opinion, how does it work?

Alcohol is a diuretic, that is to say that it dehydrates the body and causes poor irrigation of the brain and therefore the headaches symptomatic of the "hangover". In addition, alcohol tires the body which can cause cramps and aches.

Hydratis is a solution promoting the assimilation of liquids to rehydrate quickly and effectively.

  • Magnesium helps reduce fatigue
  • Potassium contributes to muscle recovery to relieve cramps and aches
  • Manganese is an antioxidant and reduces cell stress
  • Zinc helps strengthen your weakened immune system after alcohol consumption.

Find the Hydratis range on our shop and in pharmacies: available in 4 natural flavors: berries, elderflower lemon, lemongrass-ginger and peach! Without dyes or preservatives, add two Hydratis lozenges to a large glass of water before going to bed to relieve your hangover.

What causes a hangover?

It is important to understand the origin of the ailments associated with the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages.

We have decided to simplify the subject to distinguish two main types, the one that tires you and gives you a prolonged headache (generally the day after a drink) and often accompanied by mental and muscular fatigue (cramps and/or body aches ) and finally, the second, those that include the symptoms of the latter, but also cause vomiting.

For the benefit of this article, we will call them; "type 1" and "type 2".

The "cooked": How to reduce the effect of alcohol?

Alcohol is said to be " diuretic ", that is to say that it causes the blocking of the anti-diuretic hormone provoked. Indeed, this hormone makes it possible to regulate the hydration of the body, but during alcohol consumption this hormone no longer works properly and the body dehydrates more quickly. So having a coffee during one of these episodes can help, but be careful because coffee is a diuretic, so you'll have to compensate by drinking more after your cup.

The dehydration caused by this phenomenon has many consequences on the body. Indeed, dehydration will slow down the performance of our body and the communication between the different cells of the body. It will generate a significant thirst that is difficult to satisfy with conventional water.

The best hangover remedy

To fight against dehydration , it is necessary to consume enough water ideally little by little in order to rehydrate during and / or after alcohol consumption. We advise you to take water rich in electrolytes in order to rehydrate yourself effectively and to eat as soon as possible. We recommend that you hydrate yourself with a large glass of water with two Hydratis tablets before going to sleep and two Hydratis tablets when you wake up. This will allow you to rehydrate effectively and naturally fight against the undesirable effects of the anti-diuretic hormone of alcohol. Find the BFM interview where Hydratis was recognized as " THE ANTI-HANGOVER TABLET ".

Warning: Hydratis is in no way a product intended to reduce blood alcohol levels. Hydratis is an electrolyte solution used to optimize hydration and frequently used to ward off the symptoms of aftermath. Alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

How long can you feel the effects of a hangover?

Type 2 hangovers can last longer. It is closer to food poisoning with a strained liver accompanied by nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Such poisoning can be dangerous and cause severe dehydration. If symptoms persist for more than 6 hours, consult a healthcare professional and avoid being left alone.

Remedies like lemon juice or baking soda can be good alternatives once the stomach has recovered. Nevertheless the acid note of lemon can be difficult to consume; favor sweet drinks: for example, add a drop of honey or mint to make the experience pleasant. During a hangover of this type, it is important to hydrate frequently; and Hydratis is an ideal outcome in this case. The pellets will allow you to recharge your minerals and support essential muscle recovery during these episodes. Hydratis contains trace minerals with antioxidant properties that will help protect your cells against oxidative stress as well as chloride that aids in digestion.

In order to restore the liver it is important to drink plenty of water in order to purge it! Hydratis is ideal for hydrating and warding off the effects of veisalgia and targeting the cause rather than the symptom. Hydratis is not a medicine.

The natural and digestive grandmother's trick after a day after a party

The Hydratis team has traveled the world in search of solutions to optimize its hydration to the maximum. Digestive remedy based on tea, ginger and peppermint with many virtues to reduce heartburn and facilitate transit after a day after a party.

Nevertheless, Hydratis is an ideal solution based on potassium and without vitamins, the drink is centered on the benefit of improving the assimilation of liquids by the body while providing magnesium, zinc, manganese and chloride to optimize digestion and support muscle recovery.

Eating fatty foods or a teaspoon of olive oil are often popular. This is because fatty foods can coat the stomach to slow the progression of the effects. However, it is not recommended for the line and will not eliminate the toxins produced. It is therefore important to limit the quantity consumed, which will always remain the most effective natural trick.

For any further information, or to find the range of Hydratis products, find us on the website (day and night) and in pharmacies . The start-up is actively developing in mainland France and the DOM-TOMs.

Find our products here!

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