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Hydratis insulated water bottle at €9.90

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  • Hydratis insulated bottle

    Hydratis insulated bottle

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  • Pack of 8 Hydratis

    Pack of 8 Hydratis

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    Forest fruits

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  • Coconut


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  • Fishing


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    lemongrass ginger

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    Lemon Elderflower

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  • 3 tubes (Forest Fruits + Lemon Elderflower + Peach)

    3 tubes (Forest Fruits + Lemon Elderflower + Peach)

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  • Discovery box + Water bottle

    Discovery box + Water bottle

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anti-gueule de bois hydratation boire de l'eau

The guide to keep fishing in front of loved ones the day after the evening

The aftermath of a night where the energy is low, the eyes are heavy and a horrible headache, does that speak to you? When we have a family meal the next day, an outing with friends or another important event, we don't really want to look tired or put on sunglasses to hide our huge dark circles. Well we offer you a little practical guide to keep fishing and be in top shape even after a crazy evening:

1# Take an invigorating shower

Taking a good shower, alternating between hot and cold water, can do wonders for waking you up and giving you a boost of energy to face the rest of the day. Because indeed it will stimulate the blood circulation of your body.

2# Plan breaks

If you have a busy event or schedule, it is necessary to rest and recharge your batteries. And for that, you can take the opportunity to do breathing exercises or even meditate. Taking these few minutes to take a nap will help you regain your concentration and your energy.

3# Do light exercises

Moderate exercise will help boost your blood circulation and improve your energy. We suggest you do some simple exercises at home or even stretch.

4# Stay positive

Adopting a positive and engaging attitude towards your loved ones is crucial to passing incognito among all the guests. No one will suspect your fatigue due to your evening the day before! We are counting on you, show enthusiasm, active listening and participation in conversations. Have a smile, share funny anecdotes and try to create a good atmosphere around you!

5# Eat and stay hydrated

To keep fishing and avoid being too bad the day after the evening a little too watered, you have to be vigilant and that, from the start of the evening.

We also advise you to eat before and after drinking alcohol. But eat light! It's not worth forcing on fatty breakfasts or comfort foods like chips!

As alcohol leads to dehydration, it is advisable to drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself. Suffice to say that it is necessary to drink before going to bed but also the next morning to help the kidneys to more easily eliminate the alcohol contained in the blood.

When you have a hangover, you often have headaches and you tend to take paracetamol. But it has toxic effects on the liver and could increase hepatitis in partygoers.

We have a little something that should alleviate the symptoms of your aftermath and allow you to be more or less drinkable in front of your parents, at family meals for example! Hydratis is the solution to your problem and will give you a boost. Put a tablet in the water before and another after your evening to optimize your hydration and be in better shape.

I think it can help you too, so don't hesitate to consult our site, for that you just have to type 😉