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Say STOP to the hangover

The 3 most effective tips! The last one will surprise you...

After a (a little too) boozy evening, it is possible to feel tired, nauseous, to have headaches, pasty mouth and to have dizziness... These are the main symptoms of the " mouth of wood ”. Do you recognize yourself? 🙃

Alcohol, through its diuretic action, causes a state of dehydration which, combined with the toxic effects of alcohol, contributes to the symptoms of a hangover.

Now we suggest you soften these symptoms and recharge your batteries with these 3 tips !

1 - What to eat the day after the evening?

Foods to avoid :
  • acidic foods,
  • Dairy products,
  • Coffee that will further dehydrate you,
  • Spicy meals,
  • Greasy food that irritates the digestive tract.

So we say bye bye to McDonald's the day after the evening and hello to the lighter meal 😉

Favorite foods :

Since excess alcohol leads to dehydration, foods rich in water are your allies (tomato, cucumber, vegetable broth...), but you can also count on:

  • eggs,
  • honey,
  • the banana,
  • the pear,
  • the pickles.

2 - Why say no to paracetamol the day after the evening?

You may be tempted to take paracetamol, aspirin, or ibuprofen to minimize the effects of a hangover. But beware their association with alcohol can be very toxic to the liver ⚠️. It is therefore strongly advised not to consume it.

Moreover, they will only temporarily relieve the symptoms but will not cure the cause. Instead, replace with Hydratis pellets which will allow you to rehydrate and feel much better.

3 - Hydratis: the best anti-hangover remedy

For a milder evening aftermath: See you on

One of the main disorders caused by alcohol is dehydration ! But why does it dehydrate us?

Simply because alcohol is a diuretic. To put it simply: it causes a strong loss of water through the urine . That's why you go to the little corner so often 😉

It is estimated that by drinking 4 glasses of wine, our body loses 1L of water.

What better than the Hydratis solution to fight against this problem?

Hydratis is an anti-hangover recognized by the greatest partygoers. 🥳

With Hydratis, you will concoct your own ultra-hydrating drink by simply dipping a tablet in a glass of water.

Using a precise content of glucose and sodium, the absorption of water in the digestive tract is maximized allowing a faster and more effective rehydration than a glass of water alone .

Hydratis pellets also contain many minerals and trace elements that will fill your electrolyte deficit, while boosting your metabolism (which needs it during this period 😉)

The drink improves the absorption of water by the body while providing magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese and chloride to optimize digestion , reduce fatigue , support metabolism and prevent headaches .

➡️ 2 lozenges in a glass of water before bed, to renew in the morning if necessary, and voila!

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Several fresh and fruity flavors are to be discovered 💙

Bye headaches, fatigue, nausea...
Finally enjoy your next evening at 100%

🍃 Hydratis is vegan, antioxidant, dye-free, preservative-free.