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Hydratis le remède anti-gueule de bois

How to get rid of a hangover?

How to get over a hangover the day after a binge ?

The aftermath of cooked are always difficult times to pass! We're not going to lie to you, the best way not to suffer the famous "hangover" is still not to drink, or at least, in moderation, and if possible to drink at least one glass of water between each glass...

But if you are reading this article, it is probably already too late! So, don't panic, we'll give you effective solutions to relieve all the symptoms of a hangover, as well as tips to apply the next day after your party.

Hangover Symptoms: Causes and Remedies

Alcohol is a diuretic substance. Indeed, it promotes the elimination of water in the urine: this is why you feel the need to go to the toilet when you have drunk. We add to this the fact that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages increases perspiration and can cause vomiting , these two elements significantly increase the risk of dehydration and therefore the risk of feeling the symptoms of a hangover: feeling of thirst, muscle cramps, headache, fatigue and dizziness.

As a result, the body becomes dehydrated since water is eliminated in large quantities. So you suffer from dehydration . This is even more evident the next morning when it's been several hours since you last consumed water and your metabolism has consumed a large amount of energy eliminating ethanol from your body.

Dehydration has a significant impact on the body, which can lead to neurological disorders such as confusion , dizziness or disorientation. Dehydration accentuates fatigue and your physical and mental abilities are diminished.


Above all, you must add to this the effects of alcohol on your sleep cycle. If it allows rapid falling asleep, however, it leads to a reduction in paradoxical sleep as demonstrated by American researchers. This phase of sleep is essential for memorization and its reduction explains the difficulties of attention and concentration felt the next day.

The dehydrating effect of alcohol affects not only water but also electrolytes . When discussing dehydration, it is important to remember the loss of electrolytes caused by lack of water. Drinking electrolyte-rich water will therefore help you compensate for this double loss, and you will experience hangover problems for less time.

Alcohol also has a hypoglycemic effect on the body which is the cause of many of the inconveniences felt after its excessive consumption. It prevents the liver from performing its functions. Indeed, when blood sugar levels drop, the latter is responsible for releasing the glucose that it stores in the form of glycogen, but alcohol inhibits this release.

However, this inhibition this product for several hours, so that hypoglycemia is inevitable. It causes trembling , pallor , a feeling of weakness but also mild nausea . Nausea can unfortunately be a hindrance to refeeding and correcting your blood sugar. It may then be relevant to turn to a liquid intake of sugar and nutrients to compensate for both the lack of sugar and water.

Fortunately, we have some remedies to deliver to you to relieve all the symptoms of your excessively alcoholic evening:

· As you will have understood, the first reflex to have in a hangover is to rehydrate . To increase your water intake, do not hesitate to vary the drinks (syrup, herbal tea, juice). However, be sure to banish acidic juices (orange juice, grapefruit…) and diuretic drinks such as tea or coffee which will not rehydrate you and which will aggravate dehydration.

The cure for a hangover

· Try Hydratis , which is the best ally against hangovers. Hydratis comes in the form of tablets to be diluted in water and specially designed to improve the assimilation of liquids and make your drink ultra-hydrating. Hydratis is often put forward for its ability to relieve hangovers because it allows you to hydrate quickly and effectively and developed by a scientific laboratory.

The Hydratis tablet also contains many minerals and trace elements that will fill your water and electrolyte deficit, but whose benefits do not stop there:

o Its potassium and magnesium content contributes to good neuronal and muscular activity, which is particularly useful if you suffer from tremors.

o The proportion of manganese contained in the pastilles contributes to protect the cells from the oxidative stress inflicted because of alcohol.

o The Hydratis lozenge also contains zinc , which also protects against oxidative stress and allows the proper functioning of carbohydrate metabolism , which is beneficial in the face of hypoglycemia.

· To correct hypoglycemia, opt for foods rich in electrolytes such as apricots, oilseeds or green vegetables. In case of nausea, you can also turn to natural anti-emetics such as ginger, peppermint or even chamomile, to drink as an infusion. If ever you really can't swallow anything, don't hesitate to make your own hypertonic drink using Hydratis lozenges, the latter will provide a triple supply of water, sugar and electrolytes.

Fatty and/or spicy dishes and foods should be avoided because the former overload the liver and the latter aggravate the irritation of the digestive tract and are likely to cause diarrhoea.

· Finally, if you can, it is important to rest. To do this, stay in a quiet place, without bright light, avoiding screens and so-called brain activities. Do not hesitate to prolong your night, or to take a nap because while sleeping, you will not suffer the effects of your excessive alcohol consumption.

To avoid a difficult day after the evening, there are also some tips to apply before and during your evening:

At first, it is necessary at all costs to avoid drinking on an empty stomach because it increases and accelerates the absorption of alcohol.

During your evening, intersperse your alcohol consumption with glasses of water to fight against dehydration.

Finally, you can ensure a sufficient electrolyte intake before starting to drink and ensure rehydration before going to bed: take two Hydratis lozenges in a glass of water before and after alcohol consumption.

As you will have understood, in order not to suffer from a hangover, it is best to be reasonable and to consume alcohol in moderation. During your next alcoholic festivities, do not forget to anticipate your dehydration before your consumption with the help of Hydratis.

By immersing a tablet of the perfume of your choice in a glass of water, you ensure better assimilation of water to your body as well as electrolyte supplements and trace elements which will compensate for your losses and participate in the physiological functioning of the body.

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