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Comment atténuer les effets de l’alcool?

How to lessen the effects of alcohol?

We would all like to avoid these aftermaths of difficult evenings , these recurrent headaches or even these nausea which occur without warning due to an overconsumption of alcohol. But do you really know how this " Hangover " sets in?

Ethanol is a molecule present in alcoholic beverages which once absorbed by our body will cause dehydration. Indeed alcohol is what is called a diuretic: it increases the production of urine in the kidneys and therefore increases urinary excretion (diuresis) which is responsible for this dehydration.

This dehydration can be accentuated by other undesirable effects: sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

The strategy to be put in place to avoid the effects of alcohol is based on three stages. The pre-party is undoubtedly the most euphoric moment with the excitement rising to enjoy with friends, laugh and do a few dance steps. During the evening, it is also important to pay attention to what you drink because this will have important consequences on the following events. Then, once exhausted by this crazy night, the post party time is not to be put aside and will play a role in not waking up at the Greeks.

  1. before the evening: eat a meal
  2. In the evening
  3. after the party
The tips before leaving in the evening.

No need to hurt your body before a wild night. The best way to support your body for the future will be to eat a meal balanced in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. So leave out fast food because it will require even more effort from your body to digest it. Remember that your body will already have to work to metabolize and eliminate alcohol, so why add work to it?

small tip, the contribution of vitamin C allows to accelerate the elimination of alcohol.

Prevent the effects of alcohol by anticipating during the evening

Drinking alcohol does not mean drinking anything. It is important to stay consistent about your intake. As your mom must have often repeated, avoid mixtures!

The color is not insignificant and will partly help you to make the right choice. Indeed, the clearer an alcohol is, the fewer impurities it has. And it is these that are responsible for fermentation, our body has trouble assimilating them. They are also responsible for nausea the next day. White spirits are therefore to be preferred such as Vodka, or Gin.

Alcohol is not the only responsible for the malaise of the next day. Sugary and carbonated drinks are absorbed faster . The consequence is the appearance of the effects and the level of dehydration which will occur earlier. So don't be too impatient, it's not a speed race!

Rehydrate after the evening for a restful sleep

Preparing to go to sleep is an important time. It should not be taken as a joke. Indeed, the episode of great dehydration will likely happen a few hours later, so anticipate! Drink water, as much as you can handle.

Indeed, the next day, headaches are one of the first signs of dehydration that will occur. The nerve cells are the first to suffer from this dehydration and cause the headache. So, do not make them suffer this evil!

By putting 2 Hydratis lozenges in a large glass of water you will allow your body to accelerate rehydration throughout the night. Indeed, the trace elements and minerals contained in these pastilles will optimize the absorption of water and therefore reduce the undesirable effects that occur the next day.

If you're peckish, again, there's no need to inflict pain on your body. So, make yourself an omelette, in minutes. It will bring you many more benefits than the local fast food. Indeed, it contains cysteine ​​to break down acetaldehyde, a toxin produced by the oxidation of ethanol.

So, for next time, consider these little tricks. This will prevent you from losing too many life points!